Jolie Huidverbetering

Specialized institute for skin & facecare

Project overview.

The old website of Jolie Huidverbetering was in dire need of a refresh. It felt outdated and was not responsive to any of the modern devices. This did not represent what Jolie stands for; top of the line expertise.

This sparked the project into a rework of their website and brand aesthetic. Refreshing their brand aesthetic and voice of tone to their clients and prospects. To maintain local recognition, we did keep their logo as is.

The main goal of this website; Create a fresh-feeling, user friendly, accessible website. With the intent of making the website more enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Great user experience on all devices.

Website edits are fast & easy

Site navigation is clear & user friendly

The biggest downside to the old website of Jolie huidverbetering was the non-responsiveness. Visitors had to zoom in and out on their mobile phone to navigate through the website. which was neither accessible or a great user experience.

We focused our efforts on making the website responsive for every device possible. With the most resources put into desktop and mobile as these were the most used devices based on their old data.

Accessible and user friendly design.

The website is build in REM’s. Helping the user to scale and zoom the website based on their personal preference set in the browser.

And, although a basic in design principles. We ensured there is enough contrast between important elements to increase visibility. Helping people with colour blindness navigate better.

Using colour for better navigation

Colour is to make things beautiful. But, it also serves a purpose in communication.

We created colour palettes relative to categories within the website.  This, with the purpose of making the many treatments feel more organized and easy to navigate.

Client Testimonial

Marly & Mireille

Owners, Jolie Huidverbetering

"Our website was in dire need of a "face-lift". After our first introduction with Giovanni, we were both confident about our decision to move forward. The first step was the discovery session, never had we experienced such an extensive workshop when developing a website. Absolutely everything was thought and taken care of. Based on the results of the discovery, Giovanni created the first draft which was spot on. During the design process, whenever there were questions or obstacles, he acted quickly. We are very satisfied with the end result and editing the site is also a lot less cumbersome than it used to be."

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