Local, original scottish high-tea takeaway & delivery

Project overview.

Initially the TeacakesandCo website was a information based website with a single entry for communication, a contact form. With this contact form people could apply their name, their intent and a broad message to communicate what they wanted.

The next steps were to communicate how this would shape itself into a product that could be sold and than paid, scheduled and delivered. Lorna from TeacakesandCo needed a new way to go about this as it consumed a lot of time to interact with her customers while always communicating the same information over and over.

That’s why it was important to come up with a solution that would make this workflow faster, easier and more effective both from TeacakenandCo’s perspective and the customers perspective.

Subtle Rebranding

Custom designed allergy icons for product pages

Fresh, bold and beautiful

The TeacakesandCo logo gives the authentic touch that represents the brand as foreign and original so this was left untouched. We did however modernise the overall look and feel of the brand by changing up colors and typography.

A great customer journey and a lot of time saved

The website received a great overhaul to achieve a customer journey that is both easy to navigate and well automated to save time in communication and booking a high tea.

Allergy icons made to display products containing certain allergies

A clean, easy to navigate website with a seamless ordering experience. The customer now  books a high tea effortlessly and with fun, while TeacakeandCo saves 6 hours a week communicating the same information back and forth.

Client Testimonial

Lorna Schieman

Owner, Teacakesandco

"Vonzie Media is an outstanding media company. I recently had my website designed by them and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The team was excellent in their communication, ensuring clear agreements were made and they attentively listened to all of my requests."

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