Local, original scottish high-tea takeaway & delivery

Project overview.

Initially, the TeacakesandCo website served merely as an informational platform, featuring a single contact form for communication. This form allowed visitors to enter their name, intent, and a general message to convey their requirements. The challenge then was to transform these inquiries into sellable products that could be paid for, scheduled, and delivered efficiently. Lorna from TeacakesandCo found that the existing process consumed a significant amount of time as it involved repetitive communication of the same information to different customers. Therefore, it was imperative to devise a solution that would streamline the workflow, making it quicker, easier, and more effective for both TeacakesandCo and its customers.

Subtle Rebranding

Custom-Designed Allergy Icons for Product Pages

Vibrant, Bold, and Attractive

The TeacakesandCo logo encapsulates an authentic touch, portraying the brand as unique and original; hence, we decided to retain it. However, we modernized the overall brand aesthetic by updating the color palette and typography.

Seamless Customer Journey and Significant Time Savings

The website underwent a comprehensive revamp to create a customer journey that is not only intuitive and easy to navigate but also well-automated to save time in communication and high tea reservations.

Custom Allergy Icons for Clear Product Display

We developed a clean, user-friendly website with a seamless ordering experience. Now, customers can effortlessly and enjoyably book a high tea, while TeacakesandCo saves six hours a week by eliminating repetitive communication.

Client Testimonial

Lorna Schieman

Owner, Teacakesandco

"Vonzie Media is an outstanding media company. I recently had my website designed by them and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The team was excellent in their communication, ensuring clear agreements were made and they attentively listened to all of my requests."

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